Pakistan – China Relationship and Infrastructure Development

China is a modern developing country with good economic and political condition. It is the biggest ancient society with flair towards modern culture and values. China has very good relations with its neighbors like Pakistan and Russia. It is also working at its best to solve its problem with India. Pakistan was one of the first countries of the world to recognize China, and since then they have very good relations with each other. Any kind of change in both of these countries has good or bad impact on each other, and the region of South Asia.

China, not only developed its own tiekunta infrastructure, but also provides economic aid and military equipment to Pakistan, which is very important for Pakistan to develop its infrastructure and due to its border and relations with India. India – China relationship during sixties provides a good opportunity for Pakistan to get all type of assistance from China. Any change in Chinese policy and economic conditions has great impact on Pakistan’s economy, as China is the major financer of Pakistan’s military and development projects like Ballistic Missiles, JF-17 Thunder aircraft, Gwader Port etc. Any decrease in China’s economic growth level can reduce the economic and military aid towards Pakistan. Pakistan needs China’s help in developing the cooperation in economic projects like trade, energy and infrastructure development like Gwader port etc.

Pakistan needs energy resources and nuclear power plants from China as Pakistan is facing the energy crises in the country. China can provide these kinds of energy resources to counter the energy crises in Pakistan with infrastructural development and economic aid. Chinese government has singed some sort of infrastructural development projects with Pakistan, which will benefit both countries in increasing trade and water management resources. High development percentage of China has produced a positive effect on Pakistani markets by providing cheaper goods than to American and European manufacturers. China’s products are very much popular in Pakistani markets due to their prices and different choices in quality as according to people’s need.

Pakistan mostly gets benefits from China – Pakistan relations and agreements but there are some negative effects of this relationship on Pakistani economy at micro-level. Pakistani local manufacturers are unable to compete with Chinese manufacturers with respect to price and quality as Chinese manufacturers are producing goods at very low price than local Pakistani producers. Some local Pakistani manufacturers are changing their businesses, as they are unable to continue manufacturing because Chinese products are still cheaper in their markets. Government of Pakistan is also providing facilities to those traders, which are doing business with China. Due to these reason small Pakistani manufacturers are suffering badly.

Pakistan has very good relationship with its all time friend China that is positive for the security and peace in the Asian region. China has very good relation with Russia and other countries, which can also put positive impact on Pakistan, as Pakistan can solve some of its matters with Russia and India with the help of Chinese diplomats. It is very important for Pakistan to have such kind of friend, which always understands the needs and provide sufficient information and economic assistance that helps in changing the scenario in the country.

This project is very much important and beneficial for both Pakistan and China. Pakistan needs another deep port sea away from Karachi so that in times of hostility naval ships does not get any kind of blockade. Pakistan also needs to develop the province of the Baluchistan into a business hub as it is very near to oil producing markets. China has a great interest in the blue waters with the Persian Sea and China does not have any port in this region. Gwadar port can be very important and may serve the purpose for China for both its military and oil resource needs.