Choco-oil cookies – Chocolate biscuits with extra virgin olive oil

Come and find the scrumptious universe of chocolate rolls ready with Colli Borbonici additional virgin olive oil!

The Colli Borbonici Cookbook gives an assortment of culinary delights additional virgin olive oil as the principal fixing.

Setting up these flavorful rolls is a olio extra vergine di oliva basic and remunerating experience. With only a couple of fixings and a spot of enthusiasm, you’ll get a blend of crunchiness and powerful taste.

How about we figure out together how to set them up.

Elements for 20 bread rolls:

80 ml of EVO oil
200 gr of 00 flour
100 gr of sugar
100 gr of dim chocolate
4 gr of yeast
50 ml of water

Trouble: low

Planning time: 30 minutes

Join flour, sugar, yeast in a bowl and blend everything cautiously, then add the additional virgin olive oil and a bit of water. Hack the dull chocolate and add it to the batter, blending in with adoration.

While the mixture is resting, set up the plate fixed with material paper and preheat the stove to 170°C.

Shape the mixture into balls and put them on the plate, then level them marginally to acquire the exemplary round state of the rolls.

Heat for 18-20 minutes, until they take on an intriguing carmelizing. At the point when they are prepared, remove them from the broiler cautiously and let them cool marginally.

Presently, let the overwhelming aroma of chocolate rolls and additional virgin olive oil occupy the room. Taste them with delight and feel the delicacy and crunchiness that main EVO oil can give.

Stand by no longer to charm your sense of taste with this culinary delicacy: let yourself be vanquished by the integrity of the Colli Borbonici chocolate and EVO oil rolls! Great readiness and bon appetit!

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